Joy has a team of talented language tutors. All are fluent French or Spanish speakers and are selected for their linguistic and class management skills as well as their professionalism and enthusiasm. They undergo rigorous training, attend regular workshops and seminars and their lessons are regularly quality checked by their Regional Co-ordinator. All La Jolie Ronde tutors are fully DBS checked and cleared.

Joy Jermy is the Senior Regional Advisor for La Jolie Ronde. Joy spent 3 years studying Primary Education and after graduating she spent some time teaching in her home town of Poole, Dorset. She went abroad for almost a decade and taught both English and French in International Schools in Europe and the Middle East. … Continue reading Joy Jermy, Senior Advisor

Joy Jermy, Senior Advisor

Sylvie Whittaker is a French national originally from Montauban near the city of Toulouse in south west France. She has a French Degree in Business Studies and languages – English & Italian. Sylvie’s first teaching experience was as a French assistante at Whitley Bay High School, and before working for la Jolie Ronde Sylvie spent … Continue reading Sylvie Whittaker

Sylvie Whittaker

Claudine Stanton-Jones: With a French mother passionate about her language, Claudine was brought up bilingually and spent most of her childhood holidays with grandparents in the Cévennes and other relatives in Bordeaux. Claudine completed a French and Spanish Degree and spent 6 months living in Granada where she says she ‘totally fell in love with … Continue reading Claudine Stanton-Jones

Claudine Stanton-Jones

Susie Chance: After obtaining a degree in French, during which she worked as an assistante for a year in a French Lycée, Susie spent some time in Cairo, where she built on her teaching experience, giving private English lessons to  both adults and children. It was here that she also launched a career in journalism … Continue reading Susie Chance

Susie Chance

Kathryn Martinez comes from a family of fluent French and Spanish speakers. One of her earliest pre-school memories is her home French lessons with her grandmother! Having continued learning both languages at school Kathryn spent much of her gap-year living and working in Haute Provence and Granada and then went on to complete an Honours … Continue reading Kathryn Martinez

Kathryn Martinez

Salima Baig is a French national originally from the medieval town of Chartres. As part of her Baccalaureate Salima enjoyed studying languages (Italian, Spanish and English), French literature and Philosophy.  As part of her degree Salima travelled and worked at United Nations in New York as well as in Seville.  During her studies Salima enjoyed … Continue reading Salima Baig

Salima Baig

Fabienne Goalen: Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Fabienne has changed careers from architecture to primary school teaching, graduating from St Mary’s University College in Twickenham. Fabienne was brought up in Haïti, speaking French, English and Creole from birth, with a Belgian father and a Haitian mother. She attended an American primary school and when she … Continue reading Fabienne Goalen

Fabienne Goalen

Georgina Acosta Rubio is a native-Spanish tutor from Barcelona. She has worked around the world, in Japan, South Africa, Germany, Italy and France and settled in the UK in 2004. Georgina grew up in Spain learning Spanish, Catalan and English. For 10 years she worked in London within the insurance sector, primarily in English but … Continue reading Georgina Acosta Rubio

Georgina Acosta Rubio

Anna Gairns was born and grew up in Nantes in the west of France. After completing a Masters Degree in Business Studies in Marseille and also in Santiago, Chile, Anna moved to London where initially she worked in the publishing sector. However, Anna always yearned to get into teaching and soshe changed her career path … Continue reading Anna Gairns

Anna Gairns

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