Salima Baig

SalimaSalima Baig is a French national originally from the medieval town of Chartres. As part of her Baccalaureate Salima enjoyed studying languages (Italian, Spanish and English), French literature and Philosophy.  As part of her degree Salima travelled and worked at United Nations in New York as well as in Seville.  During her studies Salima enjoyed working as a translator and interpreter for different public organisations.

Before making the UK her home, Salima offered private tutoring to pupils of varying ages and then she made the decision to study for a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages.

Salima is bringing up her two young children bilingually and she has been enjoying translating and singing traditional English nursery rhymes into French!
Salima loves the La Jolie Ronde structured, fun programmes  where she has observed children effortlessly participating and speaking in French and Spanish.

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