Georgina Acosta Rubio

georginaGeorgina Acosta Rubio is a native-Spanish tutor from Barcelona. She has worked around the world, in Japan, South Africa, Germany, Italy and France and settled in the UK in 2004. Georgina grew up in Spain learning Spanish, Catalan and English. For 10 years she worked in London within the insurance sector, primarily in English but also liaising with Spanish and Italian clients. Having a dedication for helping others as well as wishing to give something back to her local community, Georgina then decided to change her career and has of late been assisting young participants at a local drama group.

Georgina has a young family herself and her boys are currently learning Spanish. Indeed, Georgina delights in seeing how children build up a real passion and enthusiasm for languages. Georgina was convinced that her local area would also benefit from high quality Spanish lessons and Joy for Languages (using the teaching programmes supplied by La Jolie Ronde) has given her the expert backing she needs to add to her native language skills.

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