Fabienne Goalen

FabienneFabienne Goalen: Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Fabienne has changed careers from architecture to primary school teaching, graduating from St Mary’s University College in Twickenham.
Fabienne was brought up in Haïti, speaking French, English and Creole from birth, with a Belgian father and a Haitian mother. She attended an American primary school and when she moved to a French lycée aged 11, Spanish became compulsory. Fabienne thrived in this new language, becoming fluent as she spent holidays with her extended family based in Puerto Rico.
Fabienne has lived in different countries and as she adapted and learned about different cultures, the benefits of speaking multiple languages became obvious, especially in our ever-increasing global world. True to her beliefs, she has brought up her two children bilingually, speaking only French to them and expecting only French back!
Fabienne enjoys teaching children of all ages, exploring a variety of subjects – having worked as a class teacher in two local primary schools – and, not surprisingly with her architectural background, is very interactive and creative in her classes. She is looking forward to working with La Jolie Ronde and teaching more children the wonder of languages!

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