Our courses are ongoing and children can learn from age 3 to 11. Most of the La Jolie Ronde progammes are for one academic year of 3 terms – autumn, spring, summer – and are paid termly in advance. Typically, we deliver an average of 33 lessons per academic year.

The actual fee charged depends on the school/class/age combination and is based on the request of the school or nursery for lessons of either one hour, 45-minutes, 30-minutes or 20-minutes. Please note, there are no refunds for absences or missed lessons.

The fee for your child’s school/class/age combination is shown on the enrolment form (via drop-down list).

A Learning Pack accompanies each course, which joiners in the Autum Term receive automatically. If your child joins outside the Autumn term, you should additionally purchase the required Learning Pack from our website. £35 Primary/£22.50 Nursery. It includes an activity workbook, audio guide download, and La Jolie Ronde bag.

To enrol your child at one of our centres

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