On-line Classes

Available in both French and Spanish, our on-line classes provide fun learning for children, with lots of wonderful songs, games and role-plays.

The on-line classes are tutor-led and interactive (not a webinar). Our tutors are imaginative and enthusiastic, bringing the sessions to life with flashcards, puppets, toys and stories.

Tutors are fluent French or Spanish speakers with high linguistic and class management skills. Your child will learn with an authentic accent.

We run small groups. Each child has the opportunity to listen, to speak and to interact with the tutor.

La Jolie Ronde is an internationally-recognised and award-winning course especially for young learners from 3-11 years old.

We’re coming to the end of the current Summer term of online lessons. Our programme for the Autumn term, when finalised, will be announced here and you will be able to enrol for your choice of 30 minute weekly interactive sessions:

  • Early Years/Reception French
  • Early Years/Reception Spanish
  • Reception/KS1 French
  • Reception/KS1 Spanish
  • Lower KS2 French
  • Upper KS2 French
  • KS2 Spanish

In the meantime, look out for our forthcoming Summer French (online) fun activity week in July. If you’re new to Joy for Languages, join our mailing list to receive details of this and our online classes. Your young language learner will be very welcome.


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